When one has the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, these can often give them a unique perspective when it comes to making business decisions. If a head of a company feels that they do not have the background and varied experiences to do their job well, they will often turn to a consultant with this kind of experience to help them make strong decisions. A consultant can help bring more information to the table that a company may otherwise not have. They can also provide a more cost effective solution should a company be preparing for a specific need and not want or have the means to hire a full time employee.

Bob Bernstock has worked as CEO and/or President for many different companies in many different industries. Because of these varied experiences and skills, he is also a skilled consultant. He has done consultancy work for companies that needed something extra when making decisions. His specialties are consultancy in marketing, branding, and expanding. He has done this kind of work for many companies and currently he holds a consulting agreement with Central Garden and Pet Company. They are a leading national marketer and producer of branded products for pets as well as lawn and garden supply markets. Bob Bernstock is happy to be able to apply the skills he has gained over the years to aid in their success.