During his careers, but particularly in the 2010s, business professional Robert Bernstock lent his knowledge and advice to numerous Boards of Directors. His expertise was frequently sought due to his experience in the business world; from 1995 to 2010, Bernstock led three Fortune 1000 companies in the roles of CEO, president or executive vice president. He also was president of the United States’ largest federal government agency. All of this experience made other organizations eager to seek Bernstock’s input.

From 2010 forward, Bernstock was a member on many Boards of Directors in both the public and private sectors. That includes serving the boards of three Fortune 1000 brands. Bob Bernstock was selected for these board positions — particularly those in 2016 — because of his career’s accomplishments and his experience with corporate best practices and strategies. Additionally, Bernstock’s successful oversight of management in past endeavors made him a good candidate for diverse boards across 20 years of work and consulting.