Through his hard work and diligence, his go-getter attitude and leadership skills, his sharp consultant work and his strategic planning for a variety of businesses, Robert Bernstock has gained numerous awards and accolades for his professional work. Between 1992 to 2016, Bernstock earned endorsements for his skills in marketing and business. During these years and among varying roles, he was recognized for his change management, team building, strategic planning and superior leadership. His innovation was praised as well as his strong influence on others, his skills in organizational development and his ability to step into a positive, even just in the interim, with poise and prowess.

Bob Bernstock previously and most recently served as the acting president and chief executive officer for Medical Services Associates, LLC. His previous positions include Fortune 1000 companies, several stints as chief executive officer, dedicated Board membership and consulting work with a variety of organizations, including Central Garden and Pet Company. For these jobs, he’s been widely recognized as a powerful leader in business.