For the past half-decade or so, Robert F. Bernstock has been extremely busy; indicating that he has no plans to slow down anytime soon. While he was working as a consultant for Central Garden and Pet Company, a pet products and landscaping marketer, Bob also has been Chairman and CEO of USCI Company and he has been the President and CEO of Medical Services Associates, LLC, as well.

As of now, Robert F. Bernstock has had about three decades under his belt as a businessman. His career has featured leadership positions with numerous companies. At one point,Robert F. Bernstock spent two years as the President of the Mailing and Shipping Services Division of the U.S. Postal Service, where he oversaw at least $70 billion in sales revenue. All that has led to a number of endorsements in such critical business areas as negotiation, planning, and team building, although there are many others. He also values change management highly, since Bob Bernstock believes that any company’s ability to embrace change is the essence of company success.